I'm delighted that Elena Brower chose to include my poem

"The Knowing" in her inspirational website... Read it HERE.

(Interested?  Read the abstract here):

My plays have been staged and performed in NYC and CT by wonderful actors like Hamish Linklater and Frank Wood; recently my play The Buddha's Wife was a New Play Workshop choice at Road Less Traveled Theatre in Buffalo, NY. 

My poem "Alma Mater" was just published in the Jan./Feb. 2016 issue of Stanford Magazine... click here to read!

I've written for (and about -- click here) a TV web series, edited a book, and taught writing to high schoolers for many, many years.  Currently I'm working on a book of poems that explore our sometimes complicated but fortunately always ongoing rela-tionship with the Divine. 

Most of my writing gravitates toward the everyday presence of spirit, in a very non-denominational way.  Ideas for plays and poems come while I'm meditating, dreaming, or pulling weeds in our vegetable garden. (Lousy ideas seem to come while I'm brushing my teeth.)  

  ~ a misguided character in Doing Time

​I find that the more I write, the less sure I am about anything, but the more content I am not to know.

"To write is to truly live..."

Unlike the Young Man in my play Doing Time, I have never equated writing with living. I have always, however, been in love with words and humbled by their power for good or for ill.  I write to transform, uplift, and heal.  

I was smitten by playwriting in college, and have pursued it ever since.  Poetry hooked me decades later, and I wrote a poetic drama, The Marriage of Mom & Dad, for my master's project and commentary.   

My "mews."