The Knowing

So may we, in this life, trust
            to those elements we have yet to see.
May we lean into the wings
            that surround us,
May we know in our deepest knowing
            that we are not alone
            that if we fall we will be caught
            by the invisible web of magnificence
            we weave every day.
And in that knowing,
            may we, like the wings themselves,
            rest and rise
            rest and rise
            rest and rise and soar
            to unseen heights.

Come, let us fly.

My poem "Alma Mater" in the Jan./Feb. 2017 issue of Stanford Magazine...

My poems are opportunities for exploration:  What is real?  What do we know?  How can we see what is old and familiar with new eyes?  And where does this all intersect with the unseen, the spiritual?

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“…Shakespeare’s ‘To hold the mirror up to nature’ – as vicious a piece of bad advice as budding artist ever gazed upon.  It is tricky, thoughtless, wrong.  It is NOT to hold the mirror up to nature that the artist performs his work.  It is to make, out of the imagination, something not at all a copy of nature, but something quite different, a new thing, unlike anything else in nature, a thing advanced and apart from it.”​​

Check out my poem "Even Just Breath" on my poet/author/friend Amy's Sharing Our Notebooks Blog...

​​​​The wonderful William Carlos Williams said this about the nature of being an artist:

I arrived late to the poetry party, but perhaps am even more grateful to have located it.  I write from the hope that my poems, "new things," will unlock even a tiny door of awakening in your mind and heart.